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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Centre Welcomes New Risk Expert

Published: 13 October 2015

The Centre for Risk Research is pleased to announce that it has recently welcomed Dr Mario Brito, a new Lecturer in Risk Analysis and Risk Management at Southampton Business School, as its latest member. Dr Brito was formerly Head of Risk for the Marine Autonomous Underwater Vehicle group at the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) in Southampton.

In his previous role at NOC, Dr Brito had been responsible for analysing the risk of losing unmanned underwater vehicles in some of the world’s most dangerous locations, including the Arctic and Antarctica. His role not only involved assessing and calculating the risk of vehicle failure and environmental damage, but also working to ensure that innovation was not stifled so that state-of-the-art technologies could be deployed to gather important new evidence about the dynamic features of the world’s oceans.

Dr Brito has previously worked on risk and reliability analysis in a number of large scale research projects. For example, he has been the Principle Investigator for a Horizon 2020 project (€1.8m) and for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funded by Innovate UK and the Porchester-based firm ASV Ltd. (£155k). Prior to joining the CRR, Dr Brito was also the Programme Manager for a small business research initiative on adaptive autonomous ocean sampling networks, whereby under vehicles will be deployed to map and sample the dynamic features of the ocean.

In reaction to joining the CRR, Dr Brito said “I am honoured and delighted to join the CRR as a Lecturer in Risk Analysis and Risk Management. I am particularly excited to have joined a research group that specialises in the area of risk and I am looking forward to collaborating with other CRR members on projects that involve managing risk in complex technologies or the risk of extreme events.”

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