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Biological Sciences

Understanding and exploiting the cell's ability to repair double-stranded DNA breaks Event

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31 January 2018
Nuffield Theatre, Lecture Room 1081, Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Selina Barry on 023 80 59 4794 or email .

Event details

Biological Sciences Invited Speaker Programme 2017-18


Abstract: Double-stranded DNA breaks are a potentially lethal form of damage and, accordingly, cells have developed multiple strategies for the recognition and repair of these lesions. In this talk, I will discuss molecular mechanisms for the repair of broken DNA with a particular emphasis on the early stages of the homologous recombination pathway of bacterial cells. I will also show how our developing understanding of DNA break repair might be exploited in biotechnology applications, such as the potentiation of antibacterial agents and the optimisation of genome editing.


Speaker information

Professor Mark Dillingham, University of Bristol, School of Biochemistry.

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