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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Multidisciplinary Research Week - What can Crystallography do for you? Seminar

6 February 2012
Building 85, Room 2209

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Event details

Short presentations, laboratory tours and hands-on demonstrations reveal the activities and capabilities of the Southampton Diffraction Centre. This includes demonstrating the broad applicability of macromolecular structural research across the disciplines touching on the life sciences.

The Southampton Diffraction Centre (SDC) bundles methods required to reveal the atomic structures of molecules. Central to this process is their crystallisation with subsequent diffraction imaging using x-rays. The capability of the SDC ranges in scale from small molecules such as drugs to macromolecules such as their cellular effectors, or even complexes of the two. The knowledge gained allows us to understand how drugs work. On a broader perspective, we aim to understand the molecules involved in central biological processes, such as biosynthetic pathways, protein sorting in cells, or gene expression.

In the session you will be able to visit the facilities at the Institute for Life Sciences for Macromolecular Crystallisation and at Chemistry for Macromolecular and Small Molecule Diffraction. Throughout the afternoon, we guide you through the exploration and visualisation of protein structures in a computer practical.

The session is particularly suitable for people with a background in medical research, and there will be ample time to discuss research opportunities.

Structures of molecules

Speaker information

Dr Simon Coles,Director, EPSRC National Crystallography Service

Dr Ivo Tews,Lecturer in Structural Biology

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