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Biological Sciences

Population Management | Research Projects

The Conservation Biology team at Marwell are directly responsible for, or advise on the management of threatened species in international cooperative breeding programmes, or that are confined to relatively small, fragmented habitats. In these cases, the goals are to maintain genetic diversity and demographic stability, and to address issues arising from adaptation to constrained environments. This work also includes planning the reintroduction of species, or the translocation of animals between sites for the purpose of meta-population management.

Success is dependent on a range of disciplines such as conservation genetics, animal behaviour, animal health and population modelling. However, it is also reliant on challenging and evaluating practices and processes. Project examples include: factors influencing reproductive success in bongo antelope; the application of body scoring techniques to monitor health of captive and reintroduced antelopes; adaptive traits in rare Polynesian tree snails destined for reintroduction; biology of sand lizards.

During their studies, students will participate in the wider work of the team, gaining experience with data management and analysis techniques, animal husbandry and other opportunities as appropriate.

Projects available (Bands A, B, and C)

Data collection for these projects may be zoo, desk, lab, or field based (or a combination). Project costs include travel/ fuel allowance for making car trips to field sites where needed and any lab costs that may be required.

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