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Biological Sciences

Zimbabwe | Research Projects

Marwell has been actively engaged in wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe for nearly two decades. During this time, we helped to establish the Dambari Wildlife Trust which continues to be our principal partner in Southern Africa. Focussing on the unique Matobo Hills, DWTs ‘Conservation Across Boundaries' strategy is an integrated approach to biodiversity survey and monitoring, the management of threatened species and community engagement that recognises the needs of local stakeholders and the complexities of multiple land uses and designations.

MRes research projects will focus on the ecology and conservation of threatened and / or keystone species such as rhino, small antelope and carnivores; or help evaluate the impacts of community outreach programmes such as education initiatives with rural schools. During their time in the field, we expect MRes students to make a broader contribution to the institutional capacity of DWT and to provide relevant teaching or training of Zimbabwean undergraduate students as an integral part of their research project.

Projects available (Band C)

The project costs include field work in the Matobo Hills and / or surrounding area in Zimbabwe. Travel from UK airports, within country travel, accommodation and meals, and use of a fieldwork vehicle are all covered (students will be required to make their own way to and from UK airports).

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