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The University of Southampton
Biomedical Imaging Unit

Pauline Pratt

Pauline is a contemporary visual artist with an MA in Painting from Winchester School of Art in 2003 and an interest in installations and photographic/ video techniques.


She has been involved in Sci-Art collaborations with the BIU since 2005 and has been an Honorary Artist in Residence in the Cancer Sciences Division of the Faculty of Medicine and the BIU. The core of Pauline's recent work with the Faculty of Medicine involved the notion of anonymous medical samples, the scientific processes behind them and their retention by exclusive and/or privileged groups. Her research has been supported by various funding bodies such as the Arts, Research and Humanities Council, The Leverhulme Trust, SEEDA and lately she has been the recipient of funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England to develop and present “Faith" to the public. “Faith" was a touring, participatory exhibition where visitors carried out a scientific procedure to extract and visualise DNA from their cheek cells and prepare a microscope slide from the sample which could be donated to the project archive. Visitors were presented with scientific apparatus and a series of illuminated workstations inset with monitors where 'visual instructions' were displayed to guide them through the process and let them become part of the exhibit. "Faith" has been presented at The Bargate Monument Gallery in Southampton, Quay Arts in Newport, Isle of Wight and South Hill Park in Bracknell.

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