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The University of Southampton
Biomedical Imaging Unit


Our Courses

We currently offer 3 formal training courses;

We are currently developing an additional, week long course on 3D microscopy.

These courses are designed to provide both theory and hands-on practical experience for a variety of research-related techniques and instruments and are open to University staff and postgraduate students, UHS staff and external users.

We also provide 1-to-1 (or small group) training for specific instruments, applications and analyses, including a 1 day confocal masterclass, for registered facility users as well as advice on experimental design, image processing and image analysis. Please do come and talk with us before designing your imaging experiments to guarantee best results on our systems.

Course Aims

Our courses are intended to provide staff, postgraduate students and external users with an understanding of, and practical experience in, a range of imaging techniques and BIU instruments.

Course Frequency

The transmission electron microscopy and advanced light microscopy courses usually run approximately every 6 months - mid winter and mid summer for 8 and 9 participants respectively, extra courses are timetabled if demand is high. The introduction to image processing and analysis with ImageJ / Fiji course runs more frequently, on demand once sufficient participants to fill a course have registered (8).

Course Accreditation

Some of our courses are formally accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS):

  • advanced light microscopy course = 36 IBMS points
  • transmission electron microscopy course = 27 IBMS points

Enquiries and Booking

To enquire about a place on any of our courses or to arrange individual tuition, please contact Patricia Goggin (

We also run occasional, external, diagnostic EM specialist training days for the wider imaging community  (see our meeting archive). These are intended to train postgraduate students, biomedical scientists, clinical scientists, and histopathologists in the role of electron microscopy (EM) in diagnostic pathology or other specialist techniques and some are also IBMS accredited.

We also hold occasional other themed imaging days / symposia.

One to One Training

One-to-One Training

Find out more about 1-to-1 and small group training on specific instruments and applications, including our 1 day confocal microscopy masterclasses.

Recent Course Feedback

Transmission Electron Microscopy Course

"Helpful staff, practical /lab work linked to lectures"
"Always opportunity to ask questions"
Clear guidance, very good teaching"
"Very good and useful course"
"Lots of hands-on experience"
"Useful techniques tailored to individual needs"
"It is by doing the techniques that we learn them, so it was insightful and really helpful going through the process, step by step"
"Really fun, engaging and comprehensive"
"Fantastic Course"
"Staff, logical flow of information"

Advanced Light Microscopy Course

"Learned so much, even with previous experience of microscopy"
it's great that we can use / try everything"

"Very helpful staff and very well organised"
"Course leaders were very helpful"
"Hands-on high-tech machines"
"I felt a sense of "no question is stupid", well done"
"Very much enjoyed the course, the Unit are enthusiastic, welcoming and friendly."
"Really helpful staff, practicals were really useful"
"Helpful to have the demonstrators there to troubleshoot"
"Brilliant Course"

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