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The University of Southampton
Biomedical Imaging Unit

Image Galleries

The old adage has it that "a picture paints a thousand words".

We have access to some of the best imaging tools available and we pride ourselves in taking the best possible images on all of our systems, irrespective of whether the image is for research, diagnostics, education or outreach purposes.

Please explore and enjoy the image galleries below as a sample of our work. Please contact us if you wish to re-use any of these images

Confocal image of lily pollen

Confocal Gallery

Usually generated from samples labelled with multiple fluorescent dyes, confocal images are strikingly colourful, although the colours are entirely false as the detectors actually record in greyscale.

TEM image of cilia from PCD patient

TEM Gallery

TEM images are of high magnification (to > x100,000) and resolution, revealing sub-cellular detail. They used to be recorded on photographic film but today we use greyscale digital imaging.

SEM image of blood cells

SEM Gallery

SEM images have a great depth of focus, suiting them for imaging complex, three dimensional samples. They record in greyscale but images are often then false coloured for visual impact.

MicroCT reconstruction of E16 mouse embryo

Video Gallery

Many of our imaging systems generate 3 dimensional datasets which can be analysed, segmented and reconstructed to create immersive and interactive views of the sample.  

Annual Grand Prize Micrograph and Movie Competition

We also hold an annual competition for all of our users. Find out more and view the 12 finalists from each year here.

We also teach our users to process and image their samples to get the best quality images. Our week long Advanced Light Microscopy Course includes sessions on image capture and processing, culminating in an image competition which the participants judge.

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