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Biomedical Imaging Unit

Useful External Microscopy Links

Useful Links and Reference Information.

(All links checked Jan 2016)

Manufacturer's Web Sites

It is worth checking both UK and global/international web sites as content can differ.

Spectrum Viewers

Each of these has different dyes in its database and provides different information and features so you may want to consult more than one – they may also require java or flash on your browser.

Primers, Tutorials and Reference Information

Fluorescent Filter Set Information


General Microscopy Sites

Useful Free Software

Registered BIU users with access to the BIU image server will find installers for several useful software packages (BIU licenced, share and freeware) located in the Research Temporary folder under Advanced LM Course - software.

  • ImageJ
  • FIJI (ImageJ with the most useful scientific and microscopy plugins preinstalled)
  • The Gimp image processing software
  • Leica LAS X core offline and Leica LAS AF-lite confocal file viewers (we recommend LAS X core offline if using 64 bit Windows)
  • Olympus OlyVIA virtual slide viewer (expand the Virtual Slide microscopes line on the page to access link)
  • CombineZP extended depth of focus. (alternative extended depth of focus software packages)

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