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The University of Southampton

Please find below organisations/initiatives that you might find useful for your research. Please note, these are not affiliated with BRAIN UK.

Brain Tumour Research Novel Therapeutics Accelerator (BTR-NTA):

For tumour based studies, once your project has finished, you may want to consider the Brain Tumour Research Novel Therapeutics Accelerator (BTR-NTA) programme.

Funded by our funder, Brain Tumour Research, the BTR-NTA is an accelerator programme that provides independent and holistic guidance to help researchers position their therapeutic or technology along a realistic pathway to clinical trials. The BTR-NTA welcomes applications from academic and industry researchers developing any type of therapeutic (including delivery technologies) for patients with a brain tumour.

More information can be found on the Brain Tumour Research website under Accelerating treatments.

For more information, click here.

Children's Brain Tumour Network (CBTN):

The Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) is a network of researchers, clinicians, patients and foundations across the globe dedicated to creating a world where no child dies from a brain tumor. What began as only four member sites devoted to data sharing in 2013 is now a global consortium of 26+ institutions throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S., who together are establishing a new standard of care for patients by sharing data, resources and expertise to accelerate discoveries.

Together they created the first, and now largest, clinically annotated biorepository with real-time query abilities and have made resources available to researchers across the globe at no cost to them. With thousands of CBTN subjects molecularly profiled, they created the Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas, the largest genomic data generation effort of its kind for pediatric brain tumors.  These data allow for the analysis of layers of clinical, imaging, histology, and molecular data, providing  researchers with a complete picture of a child’s tumor across all stages of their treatment journey.

Data and biospecimen samples, cell lines, and models are available for request, representing more than 30 childhood brain tumor subtypes, including some of the rarest childhood tumor classifications. CBTN is committed to sharing these data and specimens broadly at no cost to researchers. More than 100 tumor cell lines are available for use in pre-clinical testing. For more information, click here.

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