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Lay Summaries for all the studies supported by BRAIN UK within the past 12 months. 

Please click on the link below to view the individual lay summary.

BRAIN UK Study Ref Lay SummaryProject Status
 22/013 The New Roads Team – Innovative approaches to curing Brain Tumours Active
 22/014 Development of a cheap sensitive blood test for early detection of new and proven biomarkers of glioblastoma using fluorescent carbon dots and nanophotonics Active
 22/015 Retrospective and prospective analysis of digital images of histology slides of brain tumours using machine learning and deep learning to predict/identify molecular properties Active
 22/016 Elucidating the Tumour Microenvironment of Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma Active
 22/017 Microglia activation in IDH1 WT glioma is essential for peripheral macrophage recruitment Active
 22/018 New insight into microglial ageing Active
 22/019 Delving deeper into the appearances and pathophysiological mechanisms of immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced hypophysitis Active
 22/020 Targeting the serine synthesis pathway in central nervous system lymphoma Active
 22/021 Multi-modal computational interrogation of the molecular-morphological intersection in brain tumours Active
 22/022 Investigating spontaneous CAA-related inflammation as a model for Aβ immunotherapy-induced side effects (ARIA) Active
 23/001 Investigating the expression of BACE1 in human astrocytoma Active
 23/002 Juvenile Dermatomyositis Cohort and Biobank Study Active
 23/003 Investigating the genetic basis of nutritional optic and sensory neuropathy in black African and Caribbean communities in the UK Active
 23/004 Studying the pathogenesis of Huntington’s disease in post-mortem tissues Active
 23/005 Divergent differentiation in Brain Tumours Active
 23/006 Ascertaining the role of SSTR2 in skull base tumours and brain cancer and potential utility as a diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target Active
 23/007 A post-mortem study of progenitor cells and the injury response following severe traumatic brain injury Active
 23/008 Investigation of FGF receptor functions in human glioblastoma Active
 23/011 Clinicopathological correlations of immune response in inflammatory neuropathies Active


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