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The University of Southampton

Any researcher wishing to access CNS tissue can either approach us informally, to confirm that appropriate material exists for the study, or by a formal application, see the BRAIN UK Forms Store in the help section. We are very happy to consider all types of studies, no matter how small or large.

Most studies can be covered under BRAIN UK’s ethics. We have a rapid application process, typically within 2 weeks. This can represent a large time saving compared to making individual ethics applications. BRAIN UK uses its network to locate tissue; access is then negotiated with the local custodians, with investigators funding the technical costs involved in retrieving, processing and transporting the tissue.

Go to the BRAIN UK Application Form to apply for access to human CNS tissue for research

In order to approve a project we require sufficient information about the proposed research. Please ensure that applications are complete. Details of the stages of the application and an example of the process are given on the following pages.

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