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Ivan Ivanov MSc International Management 2019

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The University of Southampton exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I didn’t imagine there were so many possibilities and such freedom to create your own educational path and develop yourself.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Southampton?

I chose to study in the University of Southampton as I realised there are plenty of opportunities that it offers to prospective students. Southampton also reminds me of my hometown Burgas, and that made a huge impact on my choice. I wanted to study in a medium-sized city with many opportunities and was lucky enough to make the right choice.

What were you first impressions of the University of Southampton?

The University of Southampton exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I didn’t imagine there were so many possibilities and such freedom to create your own educational path and develop yourself. The University provides access to a wealth of information, from the library to a large number of internet sources. Student at Southampton are not spoon-fed by lecturers but instead are being inspired to create and think independently.

What do you enjoy most about living in Southampton?

Southampton is the perfect place for me for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a vibrant and multi-cultural city, where people are free to express themselves, where they come from and feel embraced by the locals. Second of all, it is right on the coast. Third of all, it is the sunniest city in the UK with plenty of greenery, parks and places for outdoor activities. Fourth of all, it is close to London, so I can go whenever I want as it takes only an hour on the train. Finally, Southampton has numerous opportunities for career development, as it is one of the biggest cities on the South coast of the UK.

What is your favourite spot on campus?

My favourite spot on campus is probably the secret garden. Not many people know it exists and that makes it unique. It is a place to unwind, read a book and escape from society for a little while.

What has been your proudest accomplishment while you were in Southampton?

My proudest accomplishment at Southampton University is my academic growth. In my first year I failed two modules as I didn’t put much effort and often felt I couldn’t cope with the workload due to the novelty of the education system, culture shock and a number of other reasons. After this experience I told myself I will never let this happen again. From the second year onwards, I spent enormous amounts of my personal time and sacrificed many of my social activities and leisure time for the sake of academic achievements. In the end it was all worth it! I was rewarded the ‘Best Performance in a Programme’ prize in recognition of my achievements.

Would you recommend the University of Southampton to students from your home country?

Yes. Words cannot describe my affection for the University and the numerous times that academics have helped me grow and achieve my goals. I cherish every second spent on the beautiful green campus and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. However, I would like to warn new-coming students that Southampton University is not for careless and indifferent students. On the contrary, Southampton University is for active, open-minded and success-oriented future leaders.

What will you do with your degree after you have finished your studies?

After I complete my master’s course, initially, I would like to start working in a company that cares about its employees and where learning is cherished the highest among all values. After some years of experience in the industry, I would like to complete a PhD and ultimately, become a university professor, with the aim to inspire the younger generations to think, create and develop.

Have you taken part in any internship or industrial placement? If so, how have you benefitted from this experience?

I took part in many part-time opportunities while I did my studies. I was a Peer Leader, Student Ambassador, Conversion Caller and Educational Innovation Associate, all part of the Business School. Apart from that I was involved in the Business Innovation Programme and worked on a real-life business problem for an Artificial Intelligence company. I was also a Summer Intern at Lloyds Banking Group in Cardiff, Wales, working as an Internal Account Manager in a sales team. On top of that, I was involved in many societies in various roles and many conferences across the country. I benefited immensely from these experiences, as I developed transferrable skills that I couldn’t develop otherwise.

Do you have any stories about your time in Southampton or a happy memory you want to share?

One of the happiest moments of my life was my graduation day. The University made sure the day was impeccable and unforgettable. It was one of those bitter-sweet moments, when I realised, I will miss my student life so much. That is why, after I few months I decided to continue studying.

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