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What our students think

Photo of Ghadir and Wessam Aly

Digital marketing is still a new concept. We wanted to build on our experience and knowledge to grow our business and found Southampton was the only place that offered a choice of courses in this subject.

Ghadir and Wessam Aly - MSc Digital Marketing and MSc Marketing Analytics,
Photo of Marius Baltz

The University of Southampton has allowed me to develop an in-depth knowledge on a topic I am passionate about. I've had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra curricular activities and make life time friends from all over the world.

Marius Baltz - MSc Finance
Photo of Sander van den Bergh

As a masters degree focuses on a deeper layer of knowledge, I got to improve my research to a new level during my dissertation and other courses in general. The course taught me to use different kinds of applications on data programming, such as R, SAS and VBA.

Sander van den Bergh - MSc Marketing Analytics
Photo of Omer Berkay Dagli

MSc Project Management has global and up-to-date information, which makes me feel well-educated. It is easy to understand and each part of the course is well designed and equipped with practical knowledge.

Omer Berkay Dagli - MSc Project Management
Photo of Binh Dinh

With the knowledge and skills gained throughout my MSc course, I can now proactively and confidently participate in data science projects.

Binh Dinh - MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences
Photo of Nur Farahin Puasa

It has been an intellectually stimulating and rewarding journey; to be in an international learning environment with mixtures of cultures and be exposed to the pan-sector world of project management.

Nur Farahin Puasa - MSc Project Management,
Photo of Pedro Gonzalez

After this experience, I am not afraid of any challenge that the business world can pose, as I have learnt how to manage them.

Pedro Gonzalez - MSc Project Management
Photo of Amine Haddaoui

My Southampton highlight is without a doubt the people I met. I have made some friends here that are now family.

Amine Haddaoui - MSc Business Analytics and Finance
Photo of Seher Hashim

..the lecturers are very friendly and quite experienced in their fields. It is great that we can interact with them and learn so much. They are very approachable and give honest advice.

Seher Hashim - MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences
Photo of Kate Huang

I met a lot of people here, and I know how to deal with and work with people better.

Kate Huang - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Ivan Ivanov

The University of Southampton exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I didn’t imagine there were so many possibilities and such freedom to create your own educational path and develop yourself.

Ivan Ivanov - MSc International Management 2019
Photo of Johnny Jarrouj

There are two words to sum up studying here: Interesting and Challenging. The MSc Risk Management at Southampton widens your understanding of the practices of risk.

Johnny Jarrouj - MSc Risk Management
Photo of Sylvian Jesudoss

I carried out an extensive search online for the best university and chose Southampton as it was higher in the rankings.

Sylvian Jesudoss - MSc Digital Marketing,
Photo of Marija Jojic

My academic aspirations are ever-growing, and my curiosity peaks as I am being introduced to new modules and areas of research. This is what makes my experience at the University of Southampton so rewarding.

Marija Jojic - MSc Project Management,
Photo of Tom Kouloumas

Through this degree, I have had the opportunity to learn so much and increase my understanding of the subject. I was also a member of the Catalyst Challenge last summer which was an absolutely amazing experience!

Tom Kouloumas - MSc International Management
Photo of Arihant Kuba

Studying here is a wonderful experience where help is provided to whomever asks for it. The lecturers are inspiring and make learning complicated concepts interesting.

Arihant Kuba -
Photo of Elise Larsen Rasmussen

My course is, in my opinion, highly relevant and very interesting. I love how several of the modules do not even have a textbook, but rather use recently published articles, research and more, as a base for theory.

Elise Larsen Rasmussen - MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management
Photo of Zixuan Lin (Melody)

Plan every day in advance and stay positive while always keeping an eye on exciting activities around the campus

Zixuan Lin (Melody) - MSc Digital Marketing 2019
Photo of Kamryn Minors

The University provides an environment for growth, broad knowledge and a boost of confidence. Each lecture has pushed me mentally, and that has allowed me to develop skills such as critical thinking and decision making.

Kamryn Minors - MSc Project Management
Photo of José Manuel Enciso Ordaz

I am most enjoying being surrounded by students and lecturers with an abiding passion for solving the current puzzles of the banking system.

José Manuel Enciso Ordaz - MSc International Banking and Financial Studies
Photo of Paola Andrea Pantoja Gomez

The lecturers are knowledgeable and have a great deal of experience in the area, which makes lectures very interesting, as they can give us real-life examples of what we are learning.

Paola Andrea Pantoja Gomez - MSc Marketing Management
Photo of Pippa Pearce

I studied my Undergraduate degree here and I knew that the Digital Marketing course and staff were renowned for being some of the best in the field.

Pippa Pearce - MSc Digital Marketing,
Photo of Harrison Phillips

Life sometimes disguises opportunities as risks, and it is only through taking these risks that we unmask the underlying opportunities.

Harrison Phillips - MSc Project Management,
Photo of Jonathan Pradel

Our courage, adaptability and technical skills were shaped in such a way to make us the problem solving managers of the future.

Jonathan Pradel - MSc International Management,
Photo of Alicia Prasad

The MSc in Knowledge and Information Systems Management provides the necessary base to understand how to manage knowledge within an organisation and how to use information systems and technology in today's digital era.

Alicia Prasad - MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management
Photo of Zhi Qu

My experience at the University of Southampton is unforgettable. The academic atmosphere and experienced professors have inspired me.

Zhi Qu - MSc Project Management,
Photo of Akshada Rawat

I am enjoying the totally new experience I am getting through the course. I am also getting to know different cultures and work environments of different countries which I think is really amazing.

Akshada Rawat - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Samuel Redgrave

The academics in my department are some of the best in the field which made choosing Southampton Business School an easy choice.

Samuel Redgrave - MSc Business Strategy and Innovation Management, 2018
Photo of Ria Rianti

You will automatically feel like home because everyone was really nice, warm and open to help. The lecturers and staffs are really appreciative and patient to international students if we have difficulty on say, language or just understanding the culture.

Ria Rianti - Indonesian
Photo of Hiranga Runage

The course is very well-structured and extremely varied...where you can learn how to apply theories into practice in the changing marketing world. What is more important is the course allows you to look at marketing in a more critical way.

Hiranga Runage - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Gavin Schmitt

I chose to study at Southampton because of its masters programme tailored to international financial markets instead of just general finance as well as it's easy access to mainland Europe.

Gavin Schmitt - MSc International Financial Markets
Photo of Yan Sun

The course has shown me how to view and think of issues from a broader and more strategic horizon, which is what I value the most of this year academically.

Yan Sun - MSc Risk and Finance,
Photo of Nader Tibi

The MSc course is a well-crafted one-year plan of study that will smooth your way into today’s digital-friendly world!

Nader Tibi - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Hannah Wolstenholme-Williams

I am enjoying how challenging it is. I have had some work experience in marketing, but I feel I am learning new content every week.

Hannah Wolstenholme-Williams - MSc Marketing Management, 2021
Photo of Yao Yao

Studying in Southampton will be the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Yao Yao - MSc Project Management,
Photo of Ling Mien Yeo

Working with the top risk experts in the UK really is the highlight of my MSc. The knowledge shared was immeasurable.

Ling Mien Yeo - MSc Risk Management
Photo of Yiran Yu

My summer project was absolutely an unforgettable experience. It gave me opportunities to talk to companies. Although I wasn’t selected, the topics companies proposed, gave me some directions in my dissertation.

Yiran Yu - MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
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