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Mr Plamen Ivanov BA (Hons), MSc (Dist)

PhD student

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Mr Plamen Ivanov is a Postgraduate research student in Banking, Banking at the Business School at University of Southampton.

PhD Thesis Working Title: The Evolution of Money and Banking from 17th Century England to the Present Day

Plamen’s doctoral research explores the evolution of money and institutions, governing money, since the late 17th century and their institutional change to the present day. The research is centred on the United Kingdom but it also encompasses an examination of a wider network of financial and banking systems (i.e. the Netherlands, Germany, USA).

Relying on archival work, Plamen constructs a new paradigm on the ascent of large scale banking and the rise of the financial industry at the heart of the City. Then, through a comparative historical analysis, he draws a comparison between the monetary and banking evolution of late 17th century England to the present day monetary and banking reform propositions. His research further underlines the impact over society of a transition from usury-free to usury-bearing monetary system. After a careful cost benefit analysis of the contemporary reform proposals, taking into account the income redistributional impact of usury, he recommends an alternative decentralised monetary, fiscal and banking institutional system which will, in his view, contribute positively to the economic and social well-being of nation states.

Supervisors: Prof. Richard A Werner, Dr. Helen Paul

Research interests

Plamen’s research interest include:

  • History of Banking, Economics and Economic Thought
  • Monetary & Fiscal Policy
  • Central Banking
  • Monetary Systems
  • Monetary & Banking Reforms
  •  Institutional Economics
  • Money & Credit
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Bank Accounting & Finance
  • Politics & Banking
  • Politics, Philosophy & Economy
  • Religion & Banking

Part-time Lecturer in Economics & Finance at the University of Portsmouth

Mr Plamen Ivanov
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
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