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UoS Internships

Rachael Anderson, BSc Biology
Rachael Anderson, BSc Biology

Whether you have a career path in mind or you’re unsure where your degree will take you, our UoS Internships could give you the chance to explore a range of possibilities and offer short term, real life experience in the working world. In addition, all UoS Internship positions are fully paid and add great value to your CV and future application forms, enhancing your employability prospects and professional skills.

From local start-ups to not-for-profit organisations to large graduate recruiters, the Careers and Employability Service has built some fantastic, lasting connections resulting in a unique range of opportunities available for students from the University of Southampton.

For a full overview of UoS Internships, please view our online student handbook


The following students and recent graduates are able to take advantage of our UoS Internships:

  • Undergraduates on any course and year group
  • Masters students
  • PhD students (you must seek confirmation from PhD supervisor that you can be made available to complete an internship)
  • Recent graduates and alumni (must have graduated less than 12 months prior to internship start date)
  • International students (subject to visa restrictions*)
  • Erasmus and students on a year abroad (provided you have returned to the UK for the internship)

* Student Visa, we would recommend that you visit the Visa Team's Working in the UK page and observe the working restrictions as outlined by your Visa.

Programme Basics:

  • Internships last between 2-12 weeks during Easter, summer or term-time
  • All internships are paid at least minimum wage
  • Working hours for full-time internships are 35 hours per week
  • Opportunities are available within all sectors, working with organisations of various sizes
  • Opportunities are advertised through MyCareer throughout the academic year
  • Internships may take place in-person or virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions


Once you have successfully secured an internship position, the Work Experience Team will be in contact to ensure you are prepared for your internship and have completed all necessary documents relevant to the role.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Completing an Online UoS Internships preparation session
  • Completing right to work checks and payroll documents (where necessary)
  • Completing an online internship agreement form when provided
  • Filling in monthly timesheets and submitting them on time (where necessary)
  • Completing online feedback detailing your experience of your Internship once it has concluded


Support we offer:


You can search and apply for UoS Internships through MyCareer. The application process for individual internships vary depending on the business. You can find advice and guidance on how to make successful applications through our website

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