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The University of Southampton
The Care Life Cycle

Care drivers

This stream of work explored three sets of drivers behind the demand for, and supply of, health and social care.

Demand-side drivers

This work package investigated recent trends in the patterning of family formation and dissolution; mobility and proximity of kin; health and disability; and mortality; and how these interrelate with other societal changes, including rising wealth and technological change. Particular attention was paid to how these factors interacted, how they may vary across generations and how this in turn may affect the expectations and resources of different cohorts as they enter old age.

Supply-side drivers

This work-package was aimed at developing models to gain knowledge and understanding about future trends in the health and social care workforce. It considered indicators such as demographic trends within the workforce; workforce mobility and the effects of migration; determinants of the level of service; technological factors; and changes in the roles and practice of health and social care practitioners.

Policy-side drivers

The work of this package provided vital empirical input into the tools developed in the Care Modelling stream of work. It involved engaging with policy makers to better understand the role of policy makers in shaping the organisation of care, the tactical and strategic constraints on policy making, and the multiple roles of scientific modelling and evidence in informing policy.

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