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Checkpoint blockade for inhibition of relapsed mesothelioma: A phase III trial to evaluate the efficacy of nivolumab in relapsed mesothelioma 


Confirm is a double blind randomised phase III trial comparing nivolumab (anti-PD-1 antibody) monotherapy versus placebo in patients with mesothelioma.


Primary objective:

  • To compare overall survival of nivolumab with placebo in patients with relapsed mesothelioma.

Secondary objectives: 

  • To compare progression free survival of nivolumab to placebo
  • To compare overall response rate, as determined by investigator, of nivolumab to placebo
  • To determine the safety profile of nivolumab in relapsed mesothelioma patients
  • To define the association of PD-L1 status and OS in patients with relapsed mesothelioma
  • To determine whether nivolumab results in acceptable quality of life and cost per QALY

Translational research:

  • To determine the correlation between overall survival and i) PD-L1 expression, ii) mutational burden (estimated by genome-wide analysis of copy number alterations), iii) immunotranscriptomic profile.

Trial Design

A double blind randomised phase III trial comparing nivolumab (anti-PD-1 antibody) monotherapy versus placebo for one year. The treatment allocation ratio is 2:1 (treatment: placebo).

Trial Status

Open to recruitment


Mesothelioma patients (any subtype, pleural or peritoneal) who have undergone prior treatment with at least two different lines of therapy

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Trial Team:

Senior Trial Manager:

Ellice Marwood (023 8120 5608)

Trial Manager:

Calley Middleton (023 8120 4307)

Clinical Data Coordinator:

Lucy Hogan (023 8120 5605)

Contact information:


Fax: 0844 7740621

SAE Reporting: or 0844 7740621

Essential Trial Documents

CONFIRM - Protocol v6 07-Feb-2019

CONFIRM - PIS v5 19-Feb-2019

CONFIRM - Consent Form v5 14-Feb-2019

CONFIRM - Patient Contact Card 02-Feb-2017

CONFIRM - GP Letter v2 13-Feb-18

CONFIRM - Pregnancy Consent Form v1.0 18-Jan-2017

CONFIRM - Pregnant Partners Info Sheet v1 0 18-Jan-2017

Case Report Forms

CONFIRM - randomisation form V4 09-Nov-2018.pdf

CONFIRM - NHS Digital Patient Flagging Form v1 07-Sep-2017

CONFIRM - RECIST Report CRF V1 21-Sep-2017

CONFIRM - EQ-5D-5L Paper Self complete v1.0.docx

CONFIRM - Resource use questionnaire V2.0 31-Oct-2016.docx

ISF Documents

CONFIRM - Site Delegation Log v2 29-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - PI Protocol Acknowledgement Form

CONFIRM - Patient Screening Log V1.0 07-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Master Patient List v1.0 07-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Instructions for completion of Serious Adverse Event Reporting V2 14-Feb-2018

CONFIRM - Serious Adverse Event - SUSAR Report Form v4 06-Feb-2018

CONFIRM - Blinding-unblinding process V1.0 07-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Unblinding report form V1.0 24-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Training Record V1.0 24-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Site Visit Log V1.0 03-Nov-2016

CONFIRM - eCRF completion guidance V4 15-Nov-18.pdf

Translational Study Documents

CONFIRM - Laboratory Manual V4 10-Jun-2019

CONFIRM - Blood storage and shipment logs V1.0 13-Mar-2017

CONFIRM - Tissue Tracking Log V4 10-Jun-2019

IMP Documents

CONFIRM Pharmacy Manual V2 10-Aug-2017

CONFIRM Nivolumab 100mg Accountability Log V2 10-Aug-17

CONFIRM Nivolumab-Placebo Dispensing Log V2 10-Aug-2017

Nivolumab IB 17

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