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The University of Southampton

Staff Induction

Welcome to the University of Southampton.

You may have received a copy of the E&D leaflet as part of an induction day for new staff. Or you might simply be curious to know about what we do on behalf of the University community. In either case, here are links to further information.


To help you in your new role, Diversity have commissioned two dedicated online training modules. Equality & Diversity Essentials covers core topics such as prejudice and unconscious bias; and promoting an inclusive workplace culture. Managing Diversity is designed for staff with management responsibilities, for example recruiting new staff fairly, supporting disabled staff with reasonable adjustments, dealing with bullying and harassment, and understanding our legal Public Sector Duty.

Having enrolled, you are free to log on as often as you like.  The courses can be completed in chunks. Each section takes no more than 25 minutes.

Find out more about staff training through Diversity, and through Professional Development for Staff.


For a new process or activity, an Equality Assessment will help foster good relations and avoid inadvertently discriminating against any groups of people. The EIA is a common-sense process, where early investment should bear dividends in the future. The EIA Toolkit will help you highlight the priority areas and formulate an action plan.


We work to promote fairness in all aspects of University life. In setting out our values, these seek to explore both immediate and longer-term benefits. Diversity policies cover Dignity at work and studyEqual Opportunities, Gender Identity, and Religion and Belief. The HR website also has complementary policies and procedures, including flexible working, maternity/paternity/parental leave and our inclusive promotion and recruitment policies.


A committee structure, introduced in 2013, allows E&D issues to be fast-tracked. A mix of both senior management and representatives from the wider University community gives us a strong, credible and democratic voice that can feed directly into University Executive Group. Topics recently in focus have ranged from career progression for part-time staff to mental health awareness.

Other services

Diversity can provide face-to-face training or consultancy in many areas, for example running an EIA. We can offer confidential advice, and where appropriate signpost you to other services. Get in touch to discuss how we could help.

Get Involved

The University has several networks to support staff with common interests or experiences:

We also have a network of Diversity Champions who act as ambassadors for Equality & Diversity, and Harassment Contacts who support victims of, and those accused of, bullying and harassment.

Some student societies are also open to staff as affiliates.

Events and workshops

Equality and Diversity run a number of events and workshops through the year. Some of these are open to all staff, while others may be aimed at particular groups.

Find out more about Diversity events, or contact the team directly. You can often also find details on SUSSED, and on the University’s Events calendar.

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