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Booking your Needs Assessment and what to expect

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You may contact any accredited needs assessment centre to arrange your appointment. You will need to provide them with your DSA1 letter from your funding body to prove your eligibility.

Find a Disabled Students' Allowances assessment centre 

The assessment fee varies depending on the centre, however, this fee is paid for from your DSA funding allowance.

For information on how to prepare for your Needs Assessment, take a look at the 'Things to consider before your Needs Assessment' document within the Useful Downloads section at the bottom of this page. 

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What happens in a Needs Assessment

Students are sometimes anxious about the needs assessment process. The word "assessment" may make you think you are going to be tested in some way. This is not what a needs assessment is about. There are no tests, although you may be offered the chance to try out some equipment or software to see if it suits you.

Needs assessors are friendly and experienced in meeting students with all kinds of conditions, and will soon set you at ease. 

If you would like to find out more about what to expect, download the 'What happens in a Needs Assessment' document from the Useful Downloads section at the bottom of this page. 


How long is a needs assessment? 

A needs assessment normally takes up to two hours, occasionally it may take longer. Needs assessments are usually one-to-one, but a family member may accompany you if you wish (this is your decision). Arrive in good time so you can settle down before the assessment begins. 

Please note: at the current time due to COVID-19 restrictions, most needs assessments are only available online. Please speak to your chosen centre about appropriate arrangements for your appointment.

Overview of the DSA processEligibility and applicationAfter your Needs Assessment

Useful Downloads

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