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Overview of the DSA process

Student chatting to Needs Assessor

Below you will find a step-by-step process checklist to support you in your DSA application.

If you would like to download a copy of the checklist, please see the 'DSA Application Checklist' within the Useful Downloads section at the bottom of this page. 

How do I apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance? 

StepDSA application checklistTick here when complete

Obtain a copy of evidence - retain more than one copy in case it is needed for another purpose.


Complete DSA form.


Submit DSA form. Take a note of your Customer Reference Number (CRN).


Receive eligibility letter (DSA1), and book a Needs Assessment. Your local Assessment Centre can be found on the website.


Send your DSA1 and evidence to your Assessment Centre.


Attend Needs Assessment – normally 2hrs. Receive a copy of your Needs Assessment Report (NAR) within 10 working days.


Receive Notification of Entitlement Letter (DSA2) via email or post.


Contact the suppliers on your DSA2 form (under “Your DSAs”) to access equipment and support.


Contact your Assessment Centre if you have any queries about your DSA recommendations.


If you change course or university, including moving from undergraduate to postgraduate study, contact your funding body.


Find out more about what happens in each step of the process:

For steps 1, 2 and 3 of the process, have a look at our 'Eligibility and Application' web page.

For steps 4 and 5, visit our ‘Booking your Needs Assessment’ web page.

For steps 6, 7, 8 and 9, go to our ‘After your Needs Assessment’ web page.


To get the maximum benefit, we would encourage you to apply for your DSA as early as possible, either before or during your course, as the application process can take around 14 weeks.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the Disabled Students’ Allowance please contact the Student Disability and Inclusion team by email via To speak to a member of the team, call 02380 599 599.

Useful Downloads

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