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The University of Southampton
Energy at Southampton



Chair: Gail Taylor Professor, Biological Sciences
Co-Chair: Robert Raja, Reader in Chemistry
Core Management Group: Abubakr Bahaj, (Professor, Engineering and the Environment), Paul Lewin, (Professor, ECS), Milena Büchs, (Lecturer, Social and Human Sciences), Patrick James (Lecturer, Engineering and the Environment)

Members Listing (Postgraduates are listed separately below)


Ben Anderson Senior Research Fellow Strategic Energy Research Group
Nils Andersson Professor Mathematics
Darren Bagnall Professor Electronics and Computer Science
Abubakr Bahaj Professor Civil Engineering and the Environment
Charles Banks Professor  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Maria Battarra Lecturer  Mathematics 
Atul Bhaskar  Senior Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Tom Bibby Lecturer Ocean and Earth Science
Mark Blackwell Postgraduate  Engineering Sciences 
Jacek Brodzki  Professor  Mathematics 
Milena Büchs  Lecturer  Social Sciences 
Thomas Carr  Collaboration Manager  University of Southampton 
Thomas Cherrett       Senior Lecturer    Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Frances Clarke Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator Research and Innovation Services
Gabi Durrant Reader Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute
Andrew Cruden Professor Engineering and the Environment
Mary Edwards  Professor  Geography 
Maxwell Fennelly PhD Student Mathematics 
Joerg Fliege Professor Mathematics 
Nuria Garcia-Araez Lecturer Chemistry
Luke Goater  Administrative Staff Research and Innovation Services 
Dirk Gorissen Research Fellow  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Julia Haines  Executive Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor 
Arni Halldorsson  Academic Staff  Management 
Grant Hearn  Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Andrew Hector Professor Chemistry
Christopher Hill  Research Staff Geodata Institute 
Darryl Howlett  Senior Lecturer Social Sciences 
Craig Hutton Research Staff  Geodata Institute 
Patrick James  Senior Lecturer  Engineering and the Environment
Anthony Kelly  Professor  Education 
Denis Kramer  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Peter Lanchester  Academic Staff  Physics and Astronomy 
Pauline Leonard  Reader  Social Sciences 
Paul Lewin  Professor Electronics and Computter Science 
Kai Luo Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Brian Mace  Professor  Institute of Sound and Vibration Research 
 Sasan Maleki   PhD student with Prof Alex James  ECS 
Thomas  Markvart  Professor   Engineering Sciences 
Michael McDonald Professor Civil Engineering and the Environment
Jacqueline Milne  Project Manager  Research and Innovation Services 
Graham Niblo  Professor  Mathematics 
Matthew Nicholson Lecturer Law
John Owen  Professor  Chemistry 
James Pilgrim  Lecturer  Electronics and Computer Science 
Derek Pletcher  Professor  Chemistry 
Carlos Ponce Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Guy Poppy Professor   Biological Sciences 
William Powrie  Professor  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Robert Raja  Professor  Chemistry 
Emily Reid Senior Lecturer Law
Edward Richardson Research Staff  Engineering Services 
Giles Richardson  Reader  Mathematics 
Paul Rouse Politics and International Relations Social Sciences
Tom Rushby Postgraduate Research Student  Social Sciences 
Clare Saunders  Lecturer  Social Sciences 
John Shrimpton  Senior Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Alison Simmance Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator  Research and Innovation Services 
Matthew Tallis  Post Doc  Biological Sciences 
Gail Taylor  Professor  Biological Sciences 
Alex Templeton Director The Farm Energy Project
Nick Townsend Research Fellow  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Stephen Turnock  Reader  Engineering Sciences 
Mark Walker  Research Fellow  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Rebecca Wallbridge  Research Fellow Social Sciences 
Richard Wills  Research Fellow Engineering Sciences 
Eddie Wilson Professor  Civil Engineering and the Environment 
Peter Wilson  Academic Staff  Electronics and Computer Science 
Alexander Wright   FEE Enterprise
Ian Wright  Professor  National Oceanography Centre 
Matthew Wright  Senior Lecturer  Institute of Sound and Vibration Research  
Zheng Tong Professor  Engineering Sciences 
Huifu Xu  Senior Lecturer   Mathematics 
Edward Young  Lecturer  Engineering Sciences 
Antonios Zervos   Civil Engineering and the Environment


T. Abbam
Alex Acheampong
A. Afful
E. Allinson
A.D. Chapman
R. Dave
S.S. Hegga
M.D. Joshua
A. Nisar
P.I. Rouse
T. Rushby
Chris Savory
H.E. Smith
Anthony  Velazquez 
T. Vilcan
A. Voccia

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