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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental ScienceUndergraduate study

Pollution Analyst

Pollution analysts work in natural and urban environments to ensure pollution levels are within standards set by UK and EU legislation.

Analysing environmental impacts.
Analysing environmental impacts.

Typical work activities

This role often incorporates both desk and field based work, as well as possible lab work depending on your circumstances, background and place of employment.



  1. A BSc in Air Quality is usually required; however a relevant subject such as geography is also acceptable, particularly if you have taken modules concerning pollution and the environment.
  2. An MSc in Air Quality or other relevant area. Pollution analyst roles usually require a postgraduate degree on top of your bachelor’s

Work experience

Experience with modeling software is generally useful, as is a familiarity with UK legislation and policy. These could be gained through work experience or your degree.

More information

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