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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

What our students think

Our research reputation and flexible courses, combined with the University's excellent facilities, create an attractive package.

We are proud of our working relationship with our students and continue to improve the learning experience we offer, encouraging feedback from students to help us meet their needs.

Here students talk about their experience of the department and the opportunities it has created.

Photo of Jennifer Abery

I chose Southampton because I liked the layout of the course and the topics covered. The department also seemed to genuinely care about their students' employability after university, with a high percentage of students getting jobs in the environment sector. The course at Southampton also gives you more practical experience of working in the field than other universities I looked at.

Jennifer Abery - MSc Environmental Science
Photo of Nicole Akuezumba

My time at Southampton has made me more confident in my subject area and ability. I appreciate the wide range of knowledge that geography offers, and I like that there’s so much opportunity to learn.

Nicole Akuezumba - BA Geography with International Relations, 2020
Photo of Fadilah Ali

My dissertation was based on the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean and focused on analysing the feeding ecology and preferences of lionfish. The most important thing I gained from this dissertation has been the experience of successfully conducting my own research in a remote location and being able to respond efficiently to any obstacles I encountered.

Fadilah Ali - MEnvSci Environmental Sciences, Biodiversity and Conservation,
Photo of Sophie Bailey

The lecturers are always incredibly engaging and it is clear they are truly passionate about their subjects. This makes a big difference to the lecture experience.

Sophie Bailey - BA Geography, 2013
Photo of Ellie Blacklock

One of the best things about the Veolia Graduate Development Programme is that I get to move location and sector every 6 months, so in my next placement I will be working within either Energy or Water.

Ellie Blacklock - BSc Geography
Photo of Lydia Butler

What I learned was how to truly apply the theory I had learnt during my degree, and know how it would be used in a real future employment situation. I really believe that is the strength of the course here at Southampton and sets it apart from other courses as it has great emphasis on how to apply the theory from lectures and give you really important career development skills.

Lydia Butler - BSc Environmental Sciences
Photo of Jack Covey

The best resource the university has provided me throughout my degree is a platform to connect with other like-minded individuals. This has allowed me to pursue a range of different subject areas within the environmental science field and given me far clearer direction for my future career.

Jack Covey - MEnvSci Environmental Sciences
Photo of Ali Edmonds

The Geography department and combined Oceanography department were very strong, particularly in terms of research, which I thought would give me a fantastic platform for my academia alongside the opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities.

Ali Edmonds - BA Geography
Photo of Tamsin Hill

I am now an Assistant Manager for one of the environmental schemes known as the 'Feed-in Tariff Scheme' which is designed to provide incentives to promote the uptake of small-scale renewable electricity.

Tamsin Hill - BSc Geography with Oceanography
Photo of Rebecca Keens

All of the lecturers in environmental science are really enthusiastic and supportive – I receive constant encouragement to pursue both my studies and extra-curricular activities further.

Rebecca Keens - MEnvSci Environmental Science
Photo of Ben Lord

My joint honours degree incorporated and allowed me to do 50 per cent of my modules at the National Oceanography Centre, giving me experience in the geological field.

Ben Lord - BSc Geography with Geology
Photo of Piers Luxton

The highly specialised course combining both Geography and Oceanography was a major draw, as was the option of combing my course with a language to develop skills in two areas.

Piers Luxton - BSc Geography with Oceanography, 2015
Photo of Dominika Murienova

Friendly lecturers who deliver good quality education. The course also offers many opportunities for shaping the focus of your education within environmental science.

Dominika Murienova - MEnvSci Environmental Sciences
Photo of Matthew Norman

My lecturers challenge me and they keep me on my toes; but, most importantly, they inspire me. Motivating yourself to get work done is easy when you're so often inspired by the great research and people around you.

Matthew Norman - BSc Environmental Science
Photo of Jamie Oaten

There is a lot of option in the course so you can tailor your course to you.

Jamie Oaten - Environmental Science,
Photo of Ellen Pearce

Highlights of my time have included the second year field trip to Amsterdam where we were able to conduct our own research on topics of our choice. We also had the opportunity to experience the city and visit the Anne Frank Museum and cycle round the city. All paid for by the course!

Ellen Pearce - BA Geography
Photo of Stephanie Rademaker

I felt Environmental Science was a better course for me because of the variety of modules I could take

Stephanie Rademaker - BSc Environmental Science
Photo of Tegan Ridgway

A highlight was meeting all the incredible people I worked with

Tegan Ridgway - Environmental Science
Photo of Emily Robertson

I had so many highlights from Southampton that made it memorable for me and the best three years of my life so far. The fieldtrips to Amsterdam and Berlin were highlights as I love to travel and doing that with such a large group of people was something I hadn’t done before.

Emily Robertson - BA Geography
Photo of Giovanna Sidaoui Haddad

When I first saw the Environmental Science course, I knew it was the perfect degree for me. It combines many different disciplines, which makes your module choices much broader than in other degrees.

Giovanna Sidaoui Haddad - MEnvSci Environmental Science, second year
Photo of Annabel Solnik

I love how varied my course is, as I can explore many different areas of Environmental Science and find out more about different industries. This is very useful for improving my employability as there are many different opportunities available to me when I graduate.

Annabel Solnik - Environmental Management with Business
Photo of Tasha Wallum

Southampton has provided me the opportunity to travel; be it as part of the Study Abroad exchange programme, the many diverse field trips within my course in BSc Geography or those offered from various societies across the University.

Tasha Wallum - BSc Geography
Photo of Liz Williams

Southampton doesn’t just churn out students with a degree; it gives you the capability to stand on your own two feet with applicable skills to start a career and the contacts to get one.

Liz Williams - PhD Environmental Sciences
Photo of Przemek Zientala

I was involved in several extracurricular projects, with the pinnacle being the 2017 Dragon’s Den event organised by Future Worlds, where two Dragons decided to invest in our startup – FuseMind.

Przemek Zientala - BSc Geography
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