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Geography and Environmental ScienceUndergraduate study

Qualifying as a hydrologist

There are multiple ways to get into hydrology, most of which will require extra study.


  1. Employers look for a degree in a relevant subject. For geography graduates, a Bachelor of Science or degree with a physical science base is preferred.
  2. Postgraduate study is not necessary for all jobs, but is becoming more common due to the high competition for posts. It is important to choose a course that matches your career aims. It is also important to check if you need an accredited course, as some employers ask for these and this may help refine your course search.

Possible subject areas for postgraduate study include:

Work experience

Work experience in this field can be competitive and difficult to get. Try to work in an area related to the one you intend to start a career in.
Volunteer projects allow you to gain experience while showing a commitment to the field of study

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