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Geography and Environmental ScienceUndergraduate study

Qualifying as a recycling officer

This role often incorporates a mixture of desk based work and working in the community so the experience needed is often varied.


  1. A degree is recommended for most jobs. Any degree discipline is generally acceptable however subjects such as geography and environmental sciences may be particularly relevant.
  2. A postgraduate qualification in waste/environmental management may be beneficial if your first degree is not appropriate. If you are looking to do further study, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management has a list of appropriate courses.
  3. Practical experience is very important
  4. Most posts will need you to have a full driving licence

Work experience

Contact your local recycling officer to see if they offer work experience or summer placements.

Award schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s award offer opportunities to gain experience on environmental projects.

Paid casual work is rarely advertised and tends to be given to volunteers who have shown enthusiasm, so volunteering is a good way to get you =r name known for when these positions come up.

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