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The University of Southampton
Promoting employability: how to get the most from your alumni


We are running a range of activities across the academic year 2011/2012 which will feed into this project.

Our first activity is a survey of second year undergraduate students currently studying at the University of Southampton.  The survey will ask students about their experience of alumni input thus far and what they would like from alumni in the future.  The results of the survey will be posted on our blog.

Our second activity is a series of in-depth interviews with ten recent alumni.  The chosen alumni will be within 10 years of graduation and in a variety of different careers including self-employment, private and public sector employment.  Alongside general questions on their chosen career as related to their degree, specific questions regarding the impact that alumni had on their choices will be asked.

Our third activity is a series of three focus groups to discuss the results of the questionnaire and alumni interviews.  Each group will be given the initial answers to the three research questions as defined through the results of the questionnaire and the alumni interviews.  Each focus group will then discuss one of the questions in more detail.

During the course of the year, we will also be running alumni panel events; asking individual alumni back on to campus to discuss their career paths; and inviting alumni to be involved in other employability activities.  These activities wil be advertised directly to our students within the Faculty of Humanities and listed on the events calendar.  Feedback from these events will also be used to inform the project outcomes.

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