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Working overseas - Immigration and visas

If you are visiting or working overseas (including the EU) you must make sure that you meet the visa and immigration requirements of the host country. A work visa is often required, even for short-term assignments. Other forms of visa (such as visitor/tourist visas) usually have strict limitations and are generally unsuitable where work is being undertaken in the host country. 

Visa and immigration requirements will vary by country. You should check with the relevant embassy or consular office for up to date information on the requirements of the host country. If you require further advice or support to obtain a visa, you can contact a specialist visa agency such as CIBT visas. If your visit is part of a longer-term engagement (rather than a simple business trip) the University will need to obtain tax and legal advice, so we can also obtain immigration and visa information advice at the same time.

If you visit or work overseas without the correct authorisations in place, you could be subject to fines, deportation or detention, and the University may be blacklisted from future employment or engagement with the host country.

Research trips in the EU

Research projects that require fieldwork in EU countries may require a visa/work-permit to allow entry and/or permission to carry out the research activities in that country. There are individual policies and practices for each country, and are not EU-wide. 

To determine if a visa/work-permit is required, please consult the spreadsheet provided by UUK which sets out visa requirements for each EU member country. 

You should also check that country’s embassy/consulate website, as that will have the most up-to-date information. If you need a visa or permit they can tell you how to apply. See Gov.UK for more information.

A subsidiary of CIBT (Newland Chase) can also provide advice, but there is a cost of approximately £370+VAT.

Costs associated with obtaining visas/work permits need to be met from the grant funding.

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