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The University of Southampton

Software for students


The software download site

Personally-owned devices

Many of our software agreements allow staff and students to install university software applications on their personal devices. This can be done through our software download site: From here you can log in, download applications, and access instructions on how to install and license them. 

If you are unable to install software to your personal device via our download site (eg: your device is incompatible, or not powerful enough to run the application), please visit Many of our software applications are available for staff and students to use through this virtual Windows environment, regardless of your operating system or device specification.

University-owned devices

If you are using a university-provided computer, please use the 'Software Center' icon to download software. This icon is on the desktop of all university-managed laptops, desktops and CLS workstations used by students and staff. You can install the most common software types from this shortcut.

Requesting new software

If you need a piece of software that is not available from the 'Software Centre' icon or the Software Download site, please contact ServiceLine.

Most popular software

The top 10 software packages currently in use are:


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