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Mediation is when an impartial mediator works with people who are in a dispute to assist them in resolving their differences and helps them to come up with workable, durable solutions that meet their practical and emotional needs as fully as possible.

This is achieved by working with everyone involved in the conflict situation to explore the parties' underlying issues, needs, goals and expectations. We apply a series of safe and constructive approaches to help the parties listen to one another and we support them as they identify areas of commonality and difference.

The Mediation Service is completely free and offers you a more collaborative way of approaching conflict which allows you to be in control of the outcome by helping you identify and explore solutions that are both workable and realistic.

Before coming to mediation it is recommended that you always try to resolve things locally either by talking it through in a non-confrontational manner with the other party and being prepared to listen to their point of view, and/ or by talking to your line-manager or HR professional to see if things can be resolved in this way first. If this doesn't work, then mediation may be a way forward.

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