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The University of Southampton

Anti-war line up reflects wide dissent

Published: 30 January 2002

This Saturday's conference organized by the anti-war group at the University of Southampton will include speakers from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

The event, entitled a 'Thinking and Doing' conference, comes out of widely expressed dissent to post-11 September government policies. Its aim is to build upon this through the creation of a broad network of informed experts and activists, especially on university campuses up and down the country.

Speakers on the day will include Paul Ingram, an Oxford-based researcher and local Green Party politician who has made a study of recent Government defence policies, and Professor Laurence Lustgarten of the Law Faculty at Southampton, who will be challenging the recent anti-terrorist legislation.

There will be other speakers from the Stop the War coalition, anti-arms trade groups, enviromentalist and women's groups and other NGOs. Workshops will include one on the issue of academic freedom on campuses and another on how to build grass-roots bridges between different ethnic and religious communities.

A (provisional) line-up of events is as follows:

Opening Plenary (11.15-12.30)

Paul Ingram, Oxford Research Group, leader Green group and deputy leader, Oxford City Council, the British government and its policies, post-11 September; Professor Laurence Lustgarten (University of Southampton Law Faculty), human rights and the anti-terrorist legislation; Helen Salmon (Stop the War Coalition), Building the anti-war movement; Sian Jones (Amnesty and peace activist), the culture of militarism; Mike Taylor (Economist Intelligence Unit), 'the war on terrorism': repercussions in the Balkans

Workshops (1.30-3.15)

John Theobald (media specialist, Southampton Institute) and David Cromwell (Media Lens and Southampton University), 'The media under the spotlight'; Bob Brecher, Gill Scott (Brighton university), Tony Campbell (Southampton University) et al. 'Academic Freedom and Social Responsibility: The role of universities'; Chris Bambery (Socialist Workers Party) and Nick Chaffey (Socialist Alliance) 'Did the left lose the war? : Or how to build a successful anti-war and anti-globalisation movement'; Ruth Doniach-Durant (refugee worker and educational specialist) 'How to build bridges across ethnic communities: a grass-roots response'; Women against Fundamentalism, 'Women against fundamentalism'; Tony Twine (environmental activist), 'Ecological footprints - mapping the environmental crisis post-11 September'

Final plenary 3.45-5.15

Notes for editors

  1. The Thinking and Doing Conference takes place at Southampton Institute, Sir James Matthews Conference Centre, Above Bar Street, Southampton, from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, on Saturday 2 February.
  2. The Conference is open to the public, and all media are welcome to attend.
  3. The University of Southampton is a leading UK teaching and research institution with a global reputation for leading-edge research and scholarship. The University, which celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2002, has 20,000 students and over 4,500 staff and plays an important role in the City of Southampton. Its annual turnover is in the region of £215 million.
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