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The University of Southampton

Southampton announces generous package for students under its new bursary and scholarship scheme

Published: 17 March 2005

The University of Southampton will be offering bursaries worth around £1.2 million to its students in the academic year 2006/7 under the terms of its access agreement, approved this week by the Office of Fair Access (OFFA). The University is also offering a further £1 million in scholarships, making a total for bursaries and scholarships of £2.2 million.

In line with other universities and colleges in England, the University of Southampton is planning to raise its tuition fees, when deferred fees are introduced from 2006. The University will be charging £3,000 per year, with an annual increase in line with inflation, for all programmes covered by the access agreement, with one exception-the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care, fees for which are funded by the Workforce Development Confederation.

The University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bill Wakeham, said: "It is vitally important that no student who might benefit from studying for a Southampton degree is deterred from doing so on financial grounds. We will offer a very generous package of bursaries and scholarships to ensure that the best and brightest students continue to make Southampton their first choice of University, regardless of their financial background."

Southampton's bursaries will fall into two categories. One for students across the UK and one for those living in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, with the latter group being able to apply to both funds.

In addition, the University's School of Medicine will each year be offering 30 maintenance bursaries worth £1,000, to students on the BM6 (Bachelor of Medicine six-year) programme, which is aimed at widening access to medicine.

The University's academic schools will be also awarding their own scholarships for exceptional academic merit and progression. It is anticipated that these scholarships will be worth in the region of £1 million in the first year.

All the University's bursary and scholarship awards can be held simultaneously if a student meets the conditions for each award. For example, a student from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight could be entitled to a total of £10,000 over the three years of a degree course, if they were eligible for bursary and scholarship awards. Should they also be a talented athlete and qualify for a sports bursary at Southampton, it is possible they could receive up to £13,000.

The University will also continue with its outreach work to encourage more students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for places at Southampton.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education, Professor Caroline Thomas, commented: "Southampton's access agreement, approved this week by OFFA, has essentially three parts. First, we have a generous package of bursaries to ensure that students from lower income families are not disadvantaged. Second, we have a series of scholarships for students based on academic achievement. And third, we will be expanding significantly our already successful outreach activities, to ensure that young people from all backgrounds are aware of the possibilities and prospects that higher education can offer them."  

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