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The University of Southampton

Southampton scientist develops new and free way to send large files around the Web

Published: 18 May 2011

A new way to send large files around the Web completely free of charge has been launched by the University of Southampton.

ZendTo is a free and secure, Web-based system, which will allow users to send large files much faster than by email. The system allows users to send files within and beyond their organisations from their own servers with no size restriction.

Julian Field, who is Postmaster for Electronics and Computer Science at the University, developed ZendTo. He says: “This is completely free and because you run it on your own site, you can be sure that it is completely safe and private and you retain complete control of your data, your system and your users.”

ZendTo is particularly useful for organisations which operate in a customer service environment, since when it sends files, it incorporates customer service ticketing references, so that all the references are kept intact.

Users will be able to send large files much faster than by email
ZendTo is a free and secure

ZendTo is Julian’s next big development since MailScanner, the world-leading email security and anti-spam system. He began developing MailScanner in 2000 and it has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and is used by some of the world’s leading organisations in 226 countries, such as the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command; Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge universities; Vodafone Europe; Amnesty International; Friends of the Earth; and the British Antarctic Survey. The technology is fast becoming the standard email solution at many ISP sites for virus protection and spam filtering.

Julian adds: “Ironically, the success of MailScanner and its strict security protocol means that it imposes limits on files being sent by email, which led to the development of ZendTo which has no size or type restrictions.”

ZendTo is now available at:

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