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The University of Southampton

British Black Civil Rights Movement Event

23 June 2023

Event details

This invite is for a 1 day workshop on the British Black Civil Rights Movement. It will take place on the 75th anniversary of HMT Empire Windrush arrival at Tilbury docks in 1948. HMT Empire Windrush brought 500 passengers from the Caribbean, and shaped modern Britain.

This workshop aims to shed light on the importance of British Black population hotspots as central spaces for protest mobilisation, especially when anti racist ideologies converge in areas with deep structural inequalities in policing, education and employment. Underlining this research is the transnational linkages both ideologically and structurally with Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest movements in the USA. Specifically, it raises the issue of whether, and
to what extent, there are continuities between the former protests and the later ones.

I am interested in hearing papers that rely on ethnographic methodology, innovative research methods and experimental research design which aim to explore the following research questions:

1) What role did the legacy of the civil rights movement (ideas, institutions, civil society organisations, community leaders, etc.) play in generating the sites of BLM protest?

2) Is there a transnational connection between the emergence of the civil rights movement in the UK and the USA in terms of ideological diffusion?

The workshop will take place in person at the University of Southampton where there are plans to have an in depth conversation of papers submitted in the hope of creating a lasting network of scholars and non-academic practitioners in this field.

Registration is free and meals will be provided throughout the entire duration of the workshop thanks to funding from the Economic Social and Political Science seed fund from the University of Southampton. Travel and accommodation expenses will also be provided for the workshop (for UK and EU based applicants due to specified funds).

Paper abstracts should be submitted to by May 3rd. Early career researchers and those traditionally underrepresented in the fields of political science, sociology and history are strongly encouraged to apply.

Workshop organiser

Gillian Kennedy, University of Southampton. @gillkenne.

Keynote Speaker : TBC

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