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Public Engagement with Research

Bright Club

Bright Club has arrived in Southampton!

The Bright Club format - combining research and comedy to educate and entertain - originated at University College London. From UCL the idea has spread around the country, gaining publicity and momentum. Bright Club enables researchers to take their work to a wider audience, sharing their enthusiasm for their area of expertise within the guise of stand-up comedy.

Bright Club Southampton

Bright Club Southampton

Bright Club Soton is city-wide endeavour with friends at both Southampton universities and the local community - check out our main website below!

Bright Club Soton Website

So what's is all about?

Impact - Public Engagement - Reaching a Wider Audience

Do these words and phrases make you shudder with excitement or with fear?  Or perhaps with exasperation at yet something else you have to do that isn't your research?  How about ...

Communication - Presentation Skills - Self-Confidence

...still quaking in your boots?

Imagine if you could combine all of these things with the relaxed atmosphere of a local pub or bar, a few drinks, and a good laugh!  That's exactly what Bright Club has brought to Southampton.

What's going on?

A team of enthusiastic researchers and professional staff from both the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University have set up Southampton's very own Bright Club.  Training is provided to anyone who’s interested in performing and each gig is both compered and headlined by a professional comedian.  Performers aren’t restricted to stand-up; we welcome songs, poems, interpretive dance – anything you can think of!

Want to perform? Contact us on

Want to find out more?

To get a taste of what we're all about, check out all our previous performances and see what we're all about with a 2 minute introduction video on our youtube channel, enjoy our beautiful gallery of photos on our main website and stay up to date with events by following us on the social media (below).

Here's what the people of Southampton said about our first show...



Brilliant for Southampton. Thanks :)

This was really good, brilliant!


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Bright Club Soton's First Birthday!

Bright Club has been in Southampton for a whole year! Watch all of our shows and our first introductory video on our youtube channel below!

Watch Bright Club Videos!


An important aspect of Bright Club is to develop researchers' communication and presentation skills, thereby boosting their confidence to engage with varied audiences. All our training sessions are FREE to attend and always will be!

In our first year we brought in three separate trainers to prepare our researchers for the stage - see below for more information! As a team we have taken the best bits of all of these sessions and now offer our own bespoke training sessions - and occasionally run external sessions too! To find out more contact

Previous Training Sessions:

Stage Presence and Improvisation

A playful two hour workshop exploring stagecraft, presence and improvisation! A real confidence booster, led by experienced theatre workshop facilitator Emma Minihan. Emma is a writer and director, and runs the theatre company Pen & Rose Productions in London. Attendees were asked to bring a 1-2 minute extract of their stand up, or memorise some song lyrics, and wear comfortable clothing.

Comments and memorable moments:

"Feeling that I could improvise in a way I didn’t expect -> positive feeling."

"Avocado! Very friendly, lots of fun & learning through moving."

"Telling a joke in front of everyone."

"Thank you very much! That was very entertaining.."

"I really enjoyed the session!"

"Wonderful training for any presenter."

Stand-up Comedy and Writing Your Routine

This workshop focused on performance technique and confidence when delivering stand-up material. Initially games were used to help the attendees build and find their voice; then an analytical session looked at the mechanics of jokes and famous stand-up performers; a final section explored the attendees' initial ideas and jokes, coupled with a writing session. With Jed Marshall and Joe Hart (also the compere of the first ever Bright Club Soton show!) from the University of Southampton Student Union Comedy Society/Total Comedy.

Comments and memorable moments:

"Covering some staples of comedy."

"So many outstanding moments - loved seeing the mindmap come together."

"More more more - infectious - outstanding. Cannot thank you guys enough - Brilliant!"

"Could be longer! It was excellent."

Communicating Your Research

How can you simply explain years of research in just a few minutes, without getting bogged down in technical details? This interactive session will help you learn how to tell your research story in an “elevator pitch” of just 30 seconds, whilst commanding the audience’s attention. With Kath Woods-Townsend from LifeLab.

Comments and memorable moments:

"Key points to keep presentation simple."

"Nice to hear someone doing great different thing from my discipline."

"Possibility to speak."

I had a fantastic time...I was telling a random stranger about it...THIS is happening in Southampton! My feeling is that there is a change happening in this city, from a place where everyone is doing their own things in their own places, to a real sense of a community being built. I love the way that you are contributing to this change through comedy.

Come up and see us!

After playing the wondering entertainer, Bright Club Southampton has finally settled down in our wonderful and welcoming home of Boulangerie Victor Hugo, a delicious french bakery and café, 49-50 High St, Southampton SO14 2NS - pop in and see us some time!

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