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The University of Southampton

Research project: Attachment based psychological interventions for people with psychosis

Currently Active: 

People with psychosis see, hear or believe things that others do not. These experiences can become compelling, highly distressing, and disrupt people’s lives.    

This project aims to work with people with psychosis, their family and friends, and NHS clinicians, to develop attachment based interventions and therapies to support people to live well with psychosis.

Our 'attachment style' is informed by parental relationships, and describes the way that we cope with difficult feelings and interact with others. Many people with psychosis report adverse early experiences and develop insecure attachment styles. This makes it hard to cope with their unusual experiences and make use of treatments that may beneficial.

If we can recognise people's attachment styles, we are able to support people more effectively – to feel safe, manage their distress, and access recommended treatments if they so choose.

Principal investigator: Dr Katherine Newman-Taylor

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Centre for Innovation in Mental Health (CiMH)
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