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At Southampton, Psychology is deemed a scientific discipline. Our various laboratories and other facilities listed here are the backbone of much of our rigorous research work. The majority of support is from specialist in-house technicians.

Centre for Clinical and Community Applications of Health Psychology (CCCAHP)

The Pain Research Laboratory, detailed below, is managed managed through the CCCAHP.

Pain Research Laboratory

Psychology’s Research in pain focuses on three intertwined themes a) the cognitive and affective neuroscience of pain, b) the development of theory-driven psychological interventions for the management of acute and chronic pain in children, c) the evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of psychological interventions in paediatric pain management. The Pain Research Laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment for Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) including TSA-II Neurosensory Analyser, a precise computer controlled device capable of generating and documenting response to highly repeatable thermal stimuli, cold pressure pain test equipment and others.

For more information on the Pain Research Laboratory, contact Dr Christina Liossi.


Centre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)

The RPL, SCL and SPL, detailed below, are all managed through the CRSI.

The Relationships Processes Laboratory (RPL)

Equipment in the RPL includes:

The Social Cognition Laboratory (SCL)

The SCL offers:

The Social Psychophysiology Laboratory (SPL)

The SPL contains equipment for monitoring a variety of psychophysiological measures:

For more information, contact Professor Constantine Sedikides or Gwen Gordon, or visit the CRSI page.


Centre for Visual Cognition (CVC) Laboratories

The Centre for Visual Cognition seeks to conduct experimental research that elucidates the psychological processes underlying human visual cognitive function. Its members use experimental and computational modelling methods with a diverse range of research tools, including fMRI, haptic feedback control systems and both laboratory-based and perambulatory eye-tracking.

For more information, contact Professor Sarah Stevenage, Dr Erich Graf or Professor Wendy Adams, or visit the CVC page.



We have 3 laboratories that host Biopac MP150 amplifiers and transducers for human psychophysiology research – these provide continuous recording of heart rate, skin conductance, blood pressure, electrocculography (eye-tracking) and electromyography (muscle activity e.g.eye-blink startle) during concurrent cognitive-behavioural tasks.

Evoked Response Potentials (ERP) and Electroencephalography (EEG)

Two laboratories equipped with Neuroscan Synamps2 EEG acquisition amplifiers and cap systems for ERP and EEG research in child and adult studies. Systems can be co-registered with our eye-trackers and peripheral psychophysiology.


Our neuroimaging research is conducted in partnership with the Department of Imaging Physics and Radiology at the Southampton General Hospital. We enjoy weekly access to scanning facilities and conduct 3T functional neuroimaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging, resting-state and co-registration with behavioural performance measures and eye-tracking.


We run parallel labs in Psychology and Psychiatry that host drug studies that examine the effects of psycho-active drugs on cognition, emotion and behavior. These include studies of prescription medicines (e.g. antidepressants), alcohol, and experimental medicine models (e.g. carbon-dioxide model of human anxiety).

Mobile Research Unit (MRU)

This customised Citroën Relay van is equipped with battery derived 240V AC power. For individual assignments, its interior can be tailored to suit requirements, for example with eye tracking equipment or video cameras. The MRU enables a range of offsite research work as well as public engagement activities.

For more information, contact Pete Dargie; also see the news story.

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