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Public Policy|Southampton

Support your studies with training and development

Get the most out of your doctorate by taking advantage of the complementary training and development opportunities that are available as part of your studies. See the range of opportunities you can benefit from below.


Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering offers research fellowships each year to outstanding early career researchers to support them to become future research leaders in engineering.


Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival

Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival, is the annual festival organised by the Public Engagement with Research unit. It is a free series of public events, in-person and online, open to all.


Southampton Science and Engineering Festival

Southampton Science and Engineering Festival is the University of Southampton's annual award-winning science festival that allows everyone to explore and discover what the world of STEAM has to offer.


Fellowships - POST

POST runs a number of schemes with learned societies, professional associations, and funding bodies. You can apply to work for three months at an influential policy organisation.

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Placements and Secondements

Placements and Secondments

If you are a PhD student or University of Southampton researcher looking to have a placement or secondment experience, click here to find out how to engage.

Policy Blogs

Policy Blogs

Click here to read blogs by Southampton students. You can find blogs from internships, PhD secondments and work experience about working on a range of topics.

our expertise

Our Expertise

At Public Policy|Southampton, we compile research and education to accelerate and enhance sub-national, national and international public policy impact.

policy podcast

Policy Podcasts

The Policy Pod increases the knowledge and understanding of the Southampton researchers and experts confronting critical issues in domestic and foreign policies.

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