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Open Lectures

Open Lectures

English is a restless, creative, and imaginative subject. The English department’s open lectures will give your pupils a taster of university life while introducing them to concepts, texts, and questions that will support them in their studies, whether at Key Stage 3, GCSE, or A-level. Please contact Will May ( if you would like to book a place at any of these lectures.


What is an interpretation?                                                                                 

Tuesday 12th February, 3-4, Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus                            

Our brains are always interpreting the world around us, but what are we doing when we interpret literature? What kinds of methods do we use to interpret, and how does it transform the way we imagine and re-imagine our own lives? Join Devorah Baum to find out.


How have postcolonial writers reimagined the epic?

Monday 25th March, 12-1, Lecture Theatre B, Avenue Campus

The story of the Odyssey has been a treasure trove for writers throughout the centuries, from mock-epic poets to modernist innovators. Join Stephen Morton to discover how the poet Derek Walcott reimagined The Odyssey from a postcolonial perspective in the poem Omeros.


How do you adapt a novel?

Monday 25th March, 1-2.30, 02/1039, Highfield Campus

From page to stage, from Shakespeare to Austen, the cinema has often looked to the novel for its starting-point. But what does it mean to adapt a novel, and how important is it to be faithful to the original? Explore these questions with Shelley Cobb.


How does literature make us feel?

Tuesday 7th May, 3-4, Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus

Literary critics often encourage us to analyse writing rather than our emotional responses to it. But what kind of language can we use to talk about the feelings literature prompts in us, and what kinds of things does it make us feel? Join Devorah Baum to explore these questions.



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