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How to use your portfolio

As part of INSPIRE mentorship scheme self-selected individuals (mentees) get an opportunity to forge a professional supportive relationship with a highly regarded and experienced research leader (mentor).With help from the mentor this portfolio will be used to provide a secure context to examine career goals, aspirations and personal and professional development plans.

This scheme aims, through guidance and support, to nurture talented medical students to become research leaders of the future.

Benefits of having a portfolio

All medicals students are required to collect written records of their achievements and their progress throughout the course. The resulting portfolio is an invaluable aid when applying to FY1 and for other applications like the Academic Foundation Program. It will also fulfill a GMC requirement, that a student demonstrates competence in record keeping and further provides a basis for personal reflection on progress. This portfolio will be used to collect evidence of your experiences, reflections, assessments and other achievements. Any awards, published papers, certificates received etc. will be recorded in the portfolio as well. Bring it along to any events you attend, journal clubs or meetings with your mentor.

Benefits of having a mentor

The aim of the mentorship scheme is to help mentees meet short and long term career goals. Mentoring relationships will help you to focus on career planning/job applications. The mentor will help you with establishing effective networks and collaborations with other researchers. Overall the mentor can help and guide you to identify your own developmental needs and goals, and assist with career and personal development. Further assisting in helping you achieve an appropriate balance between research, clinical and other commitments.

How to use it?

The portfolio will be used to record the following:

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