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The University of Southampton
Economic, Social and Political Sciences

Study abroad and exchanges

We offer a range of opportunities to current University of Southampton students interested in taking part in exchanges with partner institutions outside the UK. We also offer overseas students interested in coming to the UK to study with us the chance to participate in our bespoke 'Studyabroad@Southampton' pathways.

study abroad students

Visiting students

Our exciting Studyabroad@Southampton programme gives a wide choice to international students from other institutions, looking to study with us for a semester or up to a year.

Economic, Social and Political Sciences study abroad pathway

This pathway offers the widest module choice in the programme. Drawing on all other pathways in the programme, Economic, Social and Political Sciences offers opportunity for study of major global challenges such as protection of the environment, climate change, population and health, economic development from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives.

A range of introductory modules have been included to provide access paths for students who come to the programme without background in particular areas of study.

There are a good selection of inter-disciplinary modules drawn from the University Curriculum Innovation programme. These modules have no-prerequisites and are available for study by students from any background. Each model is innovative in the use of teaching and learning methods and assessment.

Across the Economic, Social and Political Sciences disciplines we also offer a range of pathways specialising in Politics, Economics, Sociology, Criminology and Geography as well as themed pathways exploring Population and Health and Protecting the Global Environment. Visit our studyabroad@southampton to find out more on other pathways .

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Get a discount on a masters degree with us

Students who complete one or two semesters will be eligible for a 10% discount on masters study at Southampton

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