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The University of Southampton
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Gravity Seminars 2022-2023

Seminars take place Thursdays 13:00-14:00, unless otherwise noted.

6 October 2022: No seminar

13 October 2022: Benjamin Berczi (Nottingham)

Gravitational collapse of a quantum field

20 October 2022: Felix Haehl (Southampton)

Quantum Information and the Black Hole Interior

27 October 2022: Filippo Camilloni (Niels Bohr Institute) [ONLINE SEMINAR]

Analytic approaches to spinning black hole magnetospheres

3 November 2022: Ivette Fuentes Guridi (Southampton)

Exploring the unification of quantum theory and general relativity with a Bose-Einstein condensate

10 November 2022: Nigel Bishop (Rhodes University)

The propagation of gravitational waves through matter

17 November 2022: No seminar

24 November 2022: No seminar

1 December 2022: Alba Grassi (CERN) [ONLINE SEMINAR]

Holographic thermal correlators from supersymmetric instantons

8 December 2022: Kaibo Hu (Oxford)

Differential complexes, discretisation and the Einstein equations

15 December 2022: Emanuele Berti (John Hopkins University) [ONLINE SEMINAR AND UNUSUAL TIME: 14:00]

Black hole spectroscopy: a status report

Christmas Break

12 January 2023: No seminar

Exam Period

2 February 2023: Bernard Kay (University of York)

Matter-gravity entanglement entropy and the information loss puzzle

9 February 2023: No seminar

16 February 2023: Gerald Dunne (Connecticut University) [ONLINE]

Decoding the Path Integral: Resurgence and Extreme Physics

24 February 2023: Eugene Lim (King's College) [UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: FRIDAY 12:00]

Desperately Seeking Axion Stars

3 March 2023: Sam Dolan (Sheffield University) [UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: FRIDAY 12:00]

Metric perturbations of Kerr spacetime in Lorenz gauge: a new method

9 March 2023: Stephen Green (Nottingham University)

Machine Learning for Gravitational Wave Astronomy

16 March 2023: No seminar

23 March 2023: Ted Jacobson (Maryland & Perimeter Institute) [ONLINE]

Making sense of the Gibbons-Hawking partition function

Easter Break

27 April 2023: Mark Hannam (Cardiff)

When theory can't keep up with experiment: the looming spectre of systematics in gravitational-wave astronomy

4 May 2023: Tomas Brauner (Stavanger)

Chiral soliton lattice in quantum chromodynamics

11 May 2023: Tyler Gorda (TU Darmstadt)

Constraining the microphysics of high-density QCD

15 May 2023: Luciano Rezzolla (Frankfurt) [UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: Monday 15:00]

M87* and Sgr A*: Imaging supermassive black holes

17 May 2023: Chris Stevens (University of Canterbury) [UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: Wednesday 14:00]

The conformal field equations, black holes, gravitational waves and the Newman-Penrose constants

18 May 2023: David Tsang (University of Bath)

Nuclear Physics from Neutron Star Mergers

31 May 2023: Rahul Kashyap (Penn State University) [UNUSUAL DAY: Wednesday]

Stellar Graveyards: Signals from the merging deads


Fabian Gittins 

Oscar Dias

Nils Andersson




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