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Financial Support

The Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund is a pot of money that has been provided by the university to improve student success and progression.


We would encourage any student who is struggling financially to read the following web pages and if they consider it appropriate to apply to the fund for support.  

All students will be required to complete an application pack and to go through a standardised assessment prior to any decision being reached, however individual circumstances will be taken into consideration where appropriate.

Any support provided is entirely discretionary and is not guaranteed.

The fund is designed to be a safety net for students who experience an unforeseen or unexpected event that impacts on their financial source of income. It cannot and should not be regarded as a continuing source of income. All students should ensure they have accessed all funding they are entitled to.  

This is a limited fund that is heavily subscribed so if you are worried about your finances please submit an application as soon as possible.  
The fund will be available for full-term assessments from 30 September 2019 to 3 April 2020, after this date the type and length of assessment will be dependent on the amount of funding still available.




Who can apply

Who can apply

Check whether you are eligible to apply to the Student Support Fund. 

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