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Digital Humanities

Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, graduated 2015

Terhi credits the CDT with enabling her to bring together all the different topics she had studied for her BA, MPhil and MSc – Archaeology and Ancient History, Cuneiform and Near Eastern Studies, Museum Studies - into one research agenda, along with her professional knowledge and expertise fromworking at the British Museum, in London, and the National Museum, in Cairo.

She said: It was truly unique at the time, for the discipline of Assyriology (the study of the ancient Near East). They were hands-down the best years of my life. There was money to go to conferences that really changed the course of my career. I made contacts in the wider Web Science Labs network, particularly one colleague with whom I've published nine papers in four years, including a paper that won Best Paper at the WEBIST 2015 conference. There is a strong overlap and relevance to my studies in Web Science. I use a lot of material in my own undergraduate teaching.

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