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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute


Research lies at the heart of the WSI's success, positioning it as a leader in Web Science knowledge and innovation and fuelling our extensive education, training, enterprise and impact activities.

We create exciting opportunities for researchers across the University of Southampton and beyond, to collaborate in a range of interdisciplinary research activities. Our members include researchers from the social and computational sciences, the humanities, medicine and health sciences, business and law and the natural sciences.

This distinctive interdisciplinarity allows us to establish novel socio-technical approaches to tackle the major challenges facing society and support industry, government and the third sector.

We also head major international research programmes that are funded by UK Research Councils, the EU, government and industrial partners.

Find out more about how you can collaborate with us by visiting our Collaborators and Supporters page.

Research areas

globe social network

Human-Centered AI

We focus our research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, how to deploy AI in innovative solutions to complex social problems, and how to manage the disruptive effects of AI on social infrastructure.


Digital Futures

Our research focuses on how the digital transformations of today are shaping the future, and how we might intervene in these processes to support an inclusive and productive outlook for all.

Data Trusts

Ethics, Governance and Liberties

We investigate the issues arising from protecting people's privacy and security in an online environment, and explore fair and trustworthy means of data sharing.


Online Health

Our researchers explore the opportunities for interventions in human behaviour through the development of mobile phone and social networking technologies for health interventions.


New Forms of Knowledge

We take an interdisciplinary approach to working with digital data, developing robust methodologies to make this useful and actionable for researchers, government, industry and civil society.

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