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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Johanna Walker, current student

Johanna was taking a break from her career in e-commerce and entrepreneurship and looking for a new challenge when she came across an opening at the CDT in Web Science innovation. She says one of the main skills she has developed from the programme is the ethos of interdisciplinary working.

She said: "I have an applied degree in management, so I tend towards research practices that are highly structured and often model-based. Interdisciplinarity has broadened that thinking for me. I've also participated in developing a public engagement project and a secondment to the Cabinet Office taught me how best to present my research for policy impact".

Johanna also says that being part of a CDT cohort has been a good support to her while studying her PhD. She said: "Doing a PhD can be lonely and being part of the CDT cohort means there are people around you who are having similar experiences and who are a superb source of advice and ideas."

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