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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute


Paul Gaskell, graduated 2016

During his time at Southampton Paul benefited from the CDT's networking opportunities and credits this and the skills he developed during his PhD with helping him achieve his current job as a data scientist for Bloomberg the world's largest provider of financial information services.

He said: "When I started my PhD, services were springing up online for sharing information to help people make investment decisions in financial markets. My PhD focused on developing methods for studying the relationship between this content and the price of stocks to understand the relationship between what people say about stock prices and stock price movements. I met the CEO of a local ad-tech company that I ended up consulting for during my PhD. This gave me invaluable experience using big data technologies and I think played a big role in getting me my current job. I use a lot of ideas from my PhD in my day-to-day work. My PhD was about extracting financial information from online content, so the work I do at Bloomberg is very similar to what I did in my PhD, just in a commercial setting."

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