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Southampton experts using tech to help diagnose and treat COVID-19

Published: 23 July 2021
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When COVID-19 hit in late 2019, a worldwide fight to beat it began. A team of Southampton biomedics is taking on the challenge to diagnose it quicker and treat it better – with some promising early successes. The ability to rapidly diagnose and effectively treat COVID-19 has proved elusive and challenging. Symptoms are inconsistent – or non-existent – and traditional treatment methods for similar flu-like conditions have proved to be unreliable. The DRAGON project is on its way to solving these challenges. DRAGON – ‘rapid and secure AI imaging-based diagnosis, stratification, follow-up, and preparedness for coronavirus pandemics’ – is a €11.5 million EU-funded international consortium for COVID-19 advanced diagnostics.

The consortium is collecting samples from COVID-19 patients across Europe, then applying artificial intelligence and bioinformatic techniques to create a system to inform medical decisions about patient care. A team of Southampton-based experts in molecular phenotyping – from both the University and spin-out company TopMD Precision Medicine – is playing a crucial role in DRAGON.

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