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The University of Southampton
Web Science Institute

Web Science Institute Mini seminar series Event

15:00 - 17:00
11 June 2014
University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Building 32, level 4, coffee room 4077.

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Event details

The Web Science Institute presents a seminar with Professor George Metakides on ' Living Networks on the Web'. Open to all PhD, MSc students and staff.

In the first two seminars we looked at the evolution of Ontologies from the current OWL level towards more powerful/expressive models and the corresponding hierarchy of Logics that underpin every stage of this evolution.

We examined this in the more general context of the general evolution of the Web as a mathematical (directed and weighed) graph and the archetypical “living network”
In the third seminar we will analyze further some of the startling properties that the Web has as a graph/network and which it shares with an array of “real-life” networks as well as some key elements of the mathematics (probability, statistics and graph theory) that underpin all this.
No mathematical prerequisites are assumed or required.

We will outline some directions that current (2005-now) research is taking and conclude with some illustrations/examples from ongoing research and applications that show great promise.

Speaker information

Professor George Metakides,University of Patras, Greece,Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. George Metakides received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic from Cornell University in 1971. He pursued an academic career at MIT, Cornell and Rochester University until 1978, when he returned to Greece after being elected to the Chair of Logic at the University of Patras. Since 1984 he has held senior positions with responsibility for Research &Development policy, funding and international co-operation in European institutions. He established and headed the department for Basic Research and International Scientific Rela-tions in Information Technologies at the European Commission from 1988 to 1993. He was the Director of the ESPRIT (European Strategic Program for Information Technologies), from 1993 until its completion in 1998, followed by the Information Society Technologies (IST) Program (1998-2002).He has contributed to the establishment of international institutions (including the launch of the World Wide Web Consortium in 1993) and is a corresponding member of several National Academies. He is currently Professor of the University of Patras, President of the Digital Enlightenment Forum, President of the Scientific Board of the Computer Technology Institute, and Advisor to several international organizations. He is involved in the promotion of co-operation in Web Science and its applications in the European Union and other regions and enthusiastically active in the Digital Enlightenment Movement

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