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Discover the answers to some of the questions we most frequently get asked about Clearing, Adjustment and confirmation.

What courses do you have available in Clearing?

We have limited courses available, please see our course vacancies page.

What grades do I need to have?

These vary by course and will be available on the course vacancies list.

You previously offered me a place but I put other universities as my firm and insurance choice. Is your offer still available?

If we have places for your chosen course we may be able to make you a Clearing offer. Please consult the full list of vacancies.

Do you accept applications through Adjustment?

Yes. All courses available in Clearing are also available in Adjustment.

I have not received the grades I needed to satisfy my offer. Will you still accept me?

Every applicant holding a firm or insurance offer with Southampton will have received an email on the morning of Thursday 18th August setting out whether we were able to confirm your place or not. Please check your email account (including your junk/spam folder). You can also check the status of your offer on UCAS Track (but if you still have other conditions outstanding Track will continue to show your offer as conditional).

Can I be released into Clearing?

Yes. But please be aware that this means you will be giving up your place at Southampton. Please email your request to the faculty that administers the course you have an offer for.

Why is there no decision on my application?

It is probably because we are awaiting one or more results from you. The email we sent you on Thursday 18 August will contain more information (please check your spam/junk folder if you can’t see the email). Common causes are missing grades, GCSE results which are published the week after A levels, or (where your offer mentions it) an Occupational Health or DBS check. For non-UK applicants this might also be a missing English language test certificate.

For accommodation allocations, providing your academic conditions have been satisfied and you applied for accommodation in time, the allocation of a place will proceed.

You are my insurance choice university but I don’t want to go to my firm choice, will you accept me?

If you have met the conditions of your offer then we will accept you subject to there still being vacancies for your chosen course. You need to contact your firm choice institution and ask them to reject you. Email the relevant faculty to confirm you have done that and we’ll then confirm your place with us (where places still exist).

When is Freshers' Week and when do lectures start?

Freshers' Week is held from 24 September until 13 October 2016. Lectures start on Thursday 29 September 2016.

I telephoned earlier to apply through Clearing but haven’t heard anything, when will I get a decision?

Our Admissions Teams are processing Clearing applications as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on your email inbox (and junk/spam folder) as you will receive an email with a decision as soon as possible.

Can I defer my place?

This can depend on the course you applied for. Please put your request in writing to the relevant faculty including any specific reasons for your request or mitigating circumstances and we will contact you within 5 days with our decision.

I’ve been offered a place in Clearing and need to know how I apply for accommodation?

You will receive an email from us with instructions for applying for accommodation.

Southampton was my firm/insurance choice and you’ve made me an offer for an alternative course now you have my results. Why, and what do I need to do?

Sadly your grades did not satisfy the offer we made for your original course. However, based on the subjects you have taken and the grades you have achieved, and your personal statement/reference we have been able to make you an offer for an alternative course which we think will be suitable for you. One of our admissions tutors will phone you to discuss this option.

If you wish to accept this place you can do so on UCAS Track. If you don’t wish to accept this alternative course you can also decline it via UCAS Track which will release you to your insurance choice (if Southampton was your firm choice and you made an insurance choice) or into Clearing (if Southampton was your insurance choice and your firm choice has also been unable to confirm you, or if you did not make an insurance choice).

Do you have a copy of the reading list for my course?

Please email the relevant faculty and we will happily send this to you the week after the A level results have been published.

How do I book a place on the Clearing/Adjustment Open day?

If you have been made an offer, the email confirming your offer will give full details of how to book on to the Clearing Open Day. If you haven’t received this email, please make sure you check your junk/spam folder.

I have special considerations that affected my performance in my exams. Will you reconsider my application?

If you have already informed us of your particular circumstances, we will already have taken these into account when making our final decision and so we will not be able to reconsider our decision.

If you haven’t already informed us of your circumstances, please forward details of your case via email to the relevant faculty, along with any supporting evidence, and we will endeavour to make a decision upon your application as quickly as we possibly can.

I missed getting a certain grade in one of my subjects by just a few marks, so am getting a remark. Will you hold my place for me?

Please email the relevant faculty to confirm that you have asked for a remark, ensuring that you confirm which subject(s) is/are being remarked. We may be able to hold your place if the decision on your remark is made prior to 31 August.

I’m currently firm at another institution but have decided that I would prefer to come to Southampton instead. Can you offer me a place?

We are not able to make you an offer unless you are released into Clearing by your firm/insurance choice. If you are interested in whether we might be able to make you an offer please telephone our hotline on 023 8059 8989 (open from 8am-6pm on Thursday 18 August and Friday 19 August).

My school didn’t cache my grades properly, so you have rejected me/haven’t confirmed my place. What should I do?

Please email the relevant faculty to inform us of the situation (faculty email addresses) and also contact your school/college urgently.

What is my Southampton Student ID number ?

You need your Southampton student ID number to apply for accommodation and to formally enrol with the University.

If you were holding a firm or insurance offer with Southampton you will be able to find this number on your offer email and on the email we sent to you confirming your place. If you can’t find it please telephone the hotline on 023 8059 7004.

If we have made you an offer via Clearing, we will be able to confirm your ID number shortly after you make Southampton your Clearing choice via UCAS Track. This can take several hours and so please check your inbox and junk/spam folders for the confirmation.

I haven’t met my offer but UCAS Track says you have accepted me. Is it correct?

In some circumstances we may have been able to accept you even if you didn’t quite meet the conditions of your offer. We will have emailed you to confirm your place on Thursday 18 August so please check your inbox and/or junk/spam folder.

I was deferred but now I want to come this year instead – can I do this?

Please email the relevant faculty to put your request in writing. We will consider this request and let you know the decision as soon as we are able to. All such requests will be dependent upon the availability of places for your chosen course.

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